Robert and Wanda Stauffacher

Thank you Robert & Wanda Stauffacher Living Trust!

We just can’t find the words to express our gratitude for this generous donation! On behalf of everyone at Dancing in the Streets AZ we would like to express our sincere gratitude for the generous and life changing $50,000 gift from the Robert & Wanda Stauffacher Living Trust!

These angels from heaven, with this very generous contribution have ensured that we will be able to continue serving our many low-income families with the gift of ballet and the arts for the 2021 season in the City of South Tucson and the greater Tucson area!

Below is the beautiful letter we received from the family.

Dear Joey & Soleste:

Our mother, Wanda Stauffacher, and stepfather, Robert Stauffacher, passed away a few months ago. In planning the distribution of their Living Trust, they requested that a portion be distributed to charities. No specific organizations were identified as recipients in the Living Trust document, so I solicited recommendations from my five fellow Successors, who agreed that, because Bob and Wanda were so devoted to their community, their charitable legacies should remain here in Tucson, where they chose to make their lifetime home. Our goal was to select organizations in Tucson whose missions were aligned with the beliefs and passions that Wanda and Bob shared and supported.

I am happy to announce that Dancing in the Streets Arizona (DITSAZ) was selected as an organization to benefit from Robert and Wanda’s generosity, for your devotion to children who face physical disabilities, behavioral challenges, or lack the resources to study dance or the opportunity to perform on stage.

As the Successor Trustee of the the Robert & Wanda Stauffacher Living Trust, it is a pleasure to enclose a check for $50,000, for general support to Dancing in the Streets Arizona (DITSAZ). We sincerely hope this one-time gift helps cover some of the rough patches in the road you surely have encountered during your 2020 journey through the Covid-19 pandemic.

We wish you well and hope you will update us occasionally with new about your programs, which make dreams come true for the kids who most deserve to dream.