Rules and Policies

 General Rules

No food or drink other than water is allowed in the building! Chewing gum, eating and drinking (excluding water) are not permitted in the studios, hallways or dressing rooms. (This applies to parents and siblings, too). Valuables should not be left unattended in the studio or dressing rooms. We are not responsible for any valuables left behind. If it is important to you leave it at home or with your parents. Parents of Elementary Dance Division (Pre-Ballet students we ask that you have your children dressed and ready to start at the appropriate start time.

Behavior Etiquette

I/we understand that as a Dancing in the Streets Student, and or volunteer parent, I am expected to be a good role model and an ambassador of Dancing in the Streets AZ. This means that I will exhibit good behavior at the studio, theatre and all other venues. I will be a team player, courteous to other students, guest artists, teachers, directors, volunteer parents, and all other personnel whether at Dancing in the Streets AZ or other locations. Dancing in the Streets AZ reserves the right to expel any student/parent/sibling from the premises who is disruptive to class or rehearsals. 


We must have a parent/guardian-signed COVID-19 liability release form on file for registered students. Only Guardians and registered students will be allowed in the lobby at this time. Masks for students are recommended in class, and while in lobby. I recognize that entering a group environment can hold certain risks, including potential exposure to the corona virus.

Dress Code

Students that do not have proper dance attire and or hair secured will not be allowed to take class! Classical ballet attire enables the student to move freely while allowing the teacher to observe and correct the dancer’s alignment and technique. The simplicity of proper ballet attire creates clean lines and is not distracting for the student and their teachers. In addition, the uniform look is part of the discipline and respect for the art form. For proper corrections of alignment and positioning a teacher must be able to see students, so baggy clothing in classes is not allowed.

Proper Ballet Attire for Class

Girls– leotard black or Pink. Tights full-footed or transition pink tights (with or without seams), no footless or rolled-up tights, or leggings. Pink or black ballet skirt optional

Ballet Shoes-Pink leather or canvas ballet shoes for ladies. Please adjust drawstrings and tie them in a KNOT, rather than a bow. Trim the ends to about 1 inch, and tuck the ends inside the shoe. Please do NOT tie the drawstrings in a bow, or leave the ends outside the shoe. (This is for the safety of the dancers.)

Boys– White tee, leotard or tank for gentlemen. Gentlemen; black tights, or dance shorts.

Ballet Shoes leather or canvas ballet shoes white or black ballet slippers for gentlemen. Please adjust drawstrings and tie them in a KNOT, rather than a bow. Trim the ends to about 1 inch, and tuck the ends inside the shoe.


Long hair (including braids) should  be secured in a proper ballet bun, cornrows are acceptable. However due to possible injury please limit hair ornamentation. To avoid possible injury post earrings only are allowed in classes. No hoop earrings, rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces or other dangly jewelry allowed in class or rehearsals.  For Performances we want all students to have an equal opportunity to shine, and for safety concerns nose rings, face piercings, and gage piercings, must be removed or hidden.

Where can I find proper ballet attire and hair supplies?

Danswest Danswear
5669 E Speedway
Tucson, AZ 85712
Phone: 520-721-3082

Mention that you are a student of Dancing in the Streets AZ to receive a discount.

Discount Dance Supply
Please use the code TT29166 when you checkout.

Hair supplies
You can get the below “Bunheads” brand of Hair nets matching hair color, Hair pins and bobby pins pictured below from Danswest Danswear, or on-line at Discount Dance Supply. Don’t forget to label your child’s things.

Sally’s Beauty Supplies (There a many Sally’s locations in Tucson)
You can find the hair nets and hair pins and bobby pins pictured below from Sally’s Beauty Supplies