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Elementary Dance Division (No audition necessary)
For young dancers ages 3 – 8 with little or no dance experience. No audition is necessary for this division.

  • Pre-Ballet
  • Ballet I

Middle Dance Division (Audition by appointment)
For students ages 8 -13 and older, dancers are placed into appropriate levels at the discretion of the Artistic Directors.

  • Ballet II
  • Ballet III

Upper Dance Division (Audition by appointment)
For experienced students ages 14 – 18 and older, dancers are placed into appropriate levels at the discretion of the Artistic Directors.

  • Ballet IV
  • Ballet V

Open Ballet Classes for Teens and Adults
For anyone interested in taking beginner or intermediate/advanced ballet technique classes.

Boys Classes for boys ages 7 and up

Beginning Modern Dance

This Modern dance class is an Introduction to Modern dance and is designed for the beginning students ages 10 and up with little or no previous dance experience. The class introduces students to the basic principles of modern dance including body placement, coordination, flexibility and strength. Students learn and perform basic modern dance vocabulary and explore the elements of dance including time, space and energy.

Intermediate/Advanced Modern Dance

Intermediate/Advanced Modern level class for students (ages 10 and older) who have been studying another dance discipline for at least one year. The class concentrates on body awareness, exploring different levels, traveling movements and positions and increasing the body’s strength and flexibility. The concept of fall and recovery, jumps, turns, improvisation and exploration of different musical rhythms and their dynamics are introduced. Students are required to take Ballet technique classes in order to participate in this class.

Tai Chi Kung

Joe Pinella

Joe Pinella

This Chinese healing art is physical therapy for the entire body. It will help your body repair itself, strengthen and tone the muscles, rejuvenate the joints, increase flexibility, improve circulation, strengthen the immune system, and clean out the respiratory system. It offers additional benefits with balance, fall prevention and stress reduction.

Qi Gong is a powerful system of healing using the art and science of breathing techniques with graceful movements and inspirational visualizations. Qi Gong teaches you to cultivate energy from the universe.

Joe Pinella is the Tai Chi/Qi Gong instructor. Please read more about Joe, Tai Chi and Qi Gong at his web site:

Jazz Dance/Musical Theater

Ever find yourself singing in the shower or dancing in your sleep? Then this just might be the class for you. This is a fusion of sassy jazz and musical theater that will keep you on your toes and leave you singing your heart out for days. It will incorporate forty-five minutes of a Jazz warm up and technique, then another forty-five minutes of vocal warm up and choreography combing both dancing and singing. So if you love musicals and don’t mind hats and canes then come join us for some “singing in the rain”.